The team

Tony ‘Hickman aka Tony ‘Mr Soul’ StClair –  has been involved in the music industry since 1972 and still DJ’s on vinyl to this day, recently playing at the Shindig Festival 2022.

He also runs the popular Alice Park Cafe in Bath, which features regular soul sessions from many DJs including both co-directors.

An avid soul fan, Tony is keen to push Parklife Records and help make unaffordable or unreleased vinyl available to others wishing to build a quality soul-themed collection. ‘At Parklife, we want to help educate, inform and help build collectors collections’ he enthused. ‘All our releases will be collectors editions in their own right, however we want to ensure that they are perfectly packaged products that offer real value’

Mike Ashley is a lifelong Soul Fan, Record Collector, DJ, Radio Presenter and Tastemaker. For the last 25 years particularly he has focused principally and new, emerging and independent artists. Whilst growing up through what many perceive as the ‘Golden Era’ he firmly believes that current music can stand alongside our Heritage Artists.

He has extensive contacts in the Indie Soul Community and in particular in New York and Atlanta, where he regularly visits. He is particularly proud of an event he ran with his US Partner Dexter Myers for 10 years in New York, mainly in Harlem.

He is always looking for and digging for new music in any format and from any era. He is the Musical Director at Alice Park Bath, The Café with Soul from which this project has emerged.

He is proud to be a founder of Parklife Records and to bring both new and heritage music to a new audience.

DJing since 1986, Mr Wyse has covered a lot of ground from residencies in his home town of Bath to guest spots at legendary venues in Bristol (The Tropic Club) and London (Heaven). Since branching out into adding production elements into sets he’s had tracks featured on Radio 1, remixed the legendary Blancmange and had guest mixes on Coldcut’s long-running Solid Steel show. He now hosts a show on local station Imperial Voice Radio as well as showing up where he’s least expected.