About us

Parklife Records has been formed to help spread the Soul Word, and related genres – particularly reggae. We are aware that there are a number of ‘competitors’. We plan to work alongside them and also alongside the artists we select. We would like to say that in recent years the new labels have worked diligently and professionally and raised the bar considerably. We plan to do the same but also offer something different. Principally our releases, at least initially will be limited run 7” vinyl. However, in the interests of the artists we will not restrict further releases. We will do this because after all we like to see the artist make money, not greedy dealers by increasing prices on restricted products. However any successive ‘runs’ will be labelled as such. Our mission is to :

1) Select tracks we believe will be popular in the UK, many or most will not have been released in the UK. These could include tracks not previously released.

2) Select tracks which in their original form are prohibitively expensive but in demand.

3) There is a huge amount of ‘new’ material – say over the last 25 years that has not seen the light of day due to the narrowmindedness of collectors and DJs. Thankfully Independent Soul now has a wider base and appeal. However we hope to plug some gaps that you maybe have missed.

Our output will be accompanied with remixes and appropriate literature as necessary.